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Jagdish Chaudhary
Jagdish Chaudhary

Postman params creator for the mobile parameters

Mobile App Developers use postman or another rest client to test API.when an error gets occur at that time they have to type manually parameters to client and it’s a time consuming task.

So now you just have to copy that string from your console to this extension and it will convert the string to postman parameters.

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Postman Params

image EXif viewer | Image information

Image Info is an Chrome Extension where the photographers and the software developers would be able to know much amount of information about an image before downloading it. Image info would help the user to know the various information such as the date when the image has been captured the extension of the image and the camera and model of the camera from which the image has been captured and much more.

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Best Quotes inpirational quotes

Get New Inspiration quotes when you open a new tab every time with eye loving will be helpful to motivate your self.

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2048 the game

2048 The Game – It’s a brain storming game which can help you to sharp your mind. Anytime and anywhere you want got bored from the busy schedules start playing it. Nothing to do start playing 2048.

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