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Jan 28, 2018
A T GOH Architect
Atgoh Architech

About Project

Ar. Dr. GOH Ai Tee has special interest on housing and heritage. She obtained her PhD in year 2010 from University of Liverpool with thesis titled ‘Potential of courtyard housing as solution for creating family housing in urban area in the UK’. While, her MSc research study in year 2007 focusing on if high rise low-cost housing a solution for creating urban housing of not so well-do-to in Malaysia.

Upon returning to Malaysia, after a year of teaching in University of Malaya, in year 2011 she set up an architectural consultancy practice, A T GOH ARCHITECT. The works explore into various type of projects including building maintenance and management projects with aim to develop better understanding of inherit housing issues in Malaysia.

Since year 2019, she starts to put the knowledge gain from her research and works into the drawing board, and develop various range of experimental low-rise high and medium density housing for creating affordable urban family housing for Malaysia.

Insights of our work

The quality of space, inner environment and spatial arrangement in court type buildings in Malaysia has led to her research on the Chinese Shop House typology, Oldest Chinese Temple in Johor and Blue Mansion in Penang during her under graduate study. During her PhD study, she involved in community led heritage conservation project in Fez, Morocco in year 2009 under RMSU Euromed Heritage IV Programme, and assisting in AHRC project to create 3-Dimensional modeling for selected historical public bath in MENA cities. After returning to Malaysia, between year 2011 and 2013, she also works as joint venture partner with Dar Saleh Engineering Consultancy in Saudi Arabia on four Heritage Village Rehabilitation Projects in Saudi Arabia. During the same year, she also involved in various community building workshops in Penang organized by Asian Coalition for Housing Right, Think City Sdn Bhd, Penang Heritage Trust, George Town World Heritage Incorporated, and Arts-ED. The working on these projects provides greater understanding on the planning and design of traditional courtyard house developed in different climate regions: cold climate, hot arid and hot humid regions.