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Top 5 Reasons why to choose Laravel over other PHP frameworks in 2023

5 Reasons Why Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework For 2023

Do you know how much PHP/Laravel is used globally? You will be shocked, 79% of all websites are built with PHP. Many PHP developers are worried when they see blogs, and news like “is PHP dying?”. But you do not have to worry about it. 

PHP is still in very high demand. Do you know if the new version of Laravel is coming next year? Yes, the Laravel v10 release is officially scheduled for February 7th, 2023.

Laravel is trending almost on top among all PHP frameworks, Here are 5 awesome reasons to choose Laravel.

1. Security in Laravel, the best and most favorite

Laravel provides default authentication, user login, signup, password management, data encryption, route protections, guards, and many more.

Security is a thing, which can not be compromised when you are dealing online and when we build web applications. The stack holders of products and business owners are always concerned with security.

Laravel has advanced security protection like CSRF (cross-site request forgery). CSRF Token generated each time for every new request. It gets validated when it is submitted back to the server.

Suppose we build a login form with Laravel, so it will have one secret CSRF token, and it will be validated when the user submits the login form. 

It will give protection again hacks where data is getting intercepted on the network.

Laravel protects business and web applications with SQL injections, MIM Protection, and Request Interception. 

2. The Model-View-Controller Framework

The Second most fundamental advantage is MVC architectural support. As Laravel follows an MVC pattern, it helps to keep business logic, application logic, and data logic separate. It keeps very good transparency in code. This way Laravel increases the quality and standard of your code. 

3. Wast Community Support has 5.5 million developers

can you guess what the size of the Laravel community is? Laravel and PHP have the biggest community of developers and contributors. Which includes almost 5.5 Million developers.

This will help lots when the developer stucks anywhere during development. when you will search for any issue or problem related to Laravel you will get plenty of solutions for it.

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4. Very Strong Base, Symfony

Laravel’s core is built with the best modules of Symfony. Which makes Laravel very strong in terms of fundamentals, security, features, and dependency managers. 

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5. Database Migration

Migration helps to keep all database changes central. when we have more than one developer in the team and they are working separately on the project. It is hard to manage a common local development database between them, 

With Laravel Migration we can write database and table schema in code, with single migration command we can sync those changes with the database.

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Do you want to know more about “What are the new features in Laravel v10?” stay tuned with us. We will be posting it shortly. 

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