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Websites that every developer should visit once!

Websites that every developer should visit once!

Nowadays every developer has their own set of sources, bookmarks, and suggestions for any kind of technical problems. As a development company, we want every developer should have access to these life-saving websites. We have listed down a few of them to help you with your daily troubles.

| codeimg.io

At codeimg, you have access to digitally share attractive snippet code graphics for any programming language. Also with the snippet, you get the option to change the colors, typeface, and other aspects of a sample picture.

| emaildrop.io

At Emaildrop, you can get mail from a previous email address and also create a throwaway email address. If you would like, you may also obtain a new email account and receive limitless emails.

| cheatography.com

Cheatography is a collection of cheatsheets for several programming languages. It also includes a cheat sheet for practically all language modules and libraries. Not only does it provide programming cheatsheets, but it also contains gaming, home, software education, and many more amazing cheatsheets.

| type-scale.com

Type Scale is a great tool for helping you visualize the differences between font color, size, and REM values. The real-time preview is extremely helpful, and we recommend giving it a try!

| canva.com

Canva is an excellent website for developers who wish to create designs, as it is packed with features – as illustrated in the image provided. We find it particularly useful for creating design templates for blogs, documents, or a profile.

| devdocs.io

DevDocs.io is an open-source, single-page tool that allows you to search documentation for all common programming languages and frameworks, both online and offline.

What’s included:

A lightning-fast method for searching documents
Works even when you are not connected to the internet
All of the documents may be found in one spot

| indiehackers.com

IndieHackers is a community of developers and entrepreneurs who are building profitable online businesses without raising capital.

Visit this website if you want to connect with people who have launched or are launching successful online businesses.

| leetcode.com

Leetcode is a website made to help people study and prepare for software engineering interviews by providing coding practice problems and sharing user experiences. If you want to get better at solving the types of issues you’ll see in an interview or want to hear about other people’s interview experiences in software engineering, then Leetcode is a great resource for you.

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