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October 12, 2019
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Fit Pharma
Fit Pharma

About Project

Fit Pharma products are highly trusted by health professionals, pharmacies, and end users. We have given trust, earned the trust and maintained our trust for more than 20 years. And it is our vision to be the most trusted pharmaceutical company in THAILAND and INDIA.

Safety of the society for us is more than just a priority. Our product selection criteria focus on product quality to ensure that pharmaceutical products imported are safe. We are dedicated to searching for products that are of good quality at reasonable prices to ensure quality drugs are available and affordable for All citizens.

We believe that giving to the community is the fundamental path to creating the happy society we want to live in. We continuously encourage our employees to give without conditions and find new ways to help and contribute to society.

We believe that conducting business ethically helps to build trust. We strictly follow the laws and regulations related to importing and distribution of pharmaceutical products. Our employees must feel that they have the right to freedom of expression and feel happy and proud to work in our company. We value our business partners by encouraging fair competition and conducting fair business practices for a long-term business relationship.

Insights of our work

At FIT PHARMA, we seek to build a sustainable, vibrant enterprise to deliver important medicines* to the people who need them most. We recognize that the sustainability of our company is inextricably linked to our ability to understand and engage all of our stakeholders in a consistent and meaningful manner. Starting with our Board of Directors and our leadership team, we are committed to long-term value driven by the pillars of governance, social responsibility, and integrity across all we do from employee engagement, clinical and regulatory operations, and eventual access to medicines for patients. Where necessary, we will act boldly to challenge convention within our industry where norms adversely affect the well-being of our critical stakeholders.