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SQL Transformations

SQL Transformations

Now let’s take a look at the most popular transformation about the SQL.

1. Correlation

This transformation creates every possible pair from the numeric columns in your table and run CORR() SQL function.

It’s would rather be simple, but i think that writing the SQL for every single pair is very much time consuming. Hence it makes sense that the users can save their time by using SQL generator.

2. Clean

The Clean transformation is a combination of the rename, cast, filter and impute. It allows you to do transformation to each columns of your data.

3. Join

Now when this transformation came in the list everyone would be like its common and easy to configure but that might be you will be writing this since years.

Unless you’ve been connected to Rasgo to your data warehouse, the SQL generator will have no visibility into real database, For which you would require to configure the table structured. However, You can setup as many tables as you would like and then you can later on use the interface setup your joins and have the SQL write it for you.

4. Pivot

The pivot is the most popular transformation in SQL there is no doubt in it. Pivot is difficult to use as with every RDBMS it has slight different syntax.

5. Aggregate

Aggregate is the most popular transformation in the SQL transformations. Its interface lets you select multiple types of aggregations and generates the SQL for you.

Although some RDBMS have been neglected to add the popular functions like MEDIAN and MODE, Which does make the SQL confusing.

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