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Feature- NymSDK

NymSDK – Privacy is served to your browser now!

Nym has released a new Typescript SDK to create apps that can use the Nym mixnet and coconut credentials quickly. The recently updated version of NymSDK version is 1.1.4. allows you to send data over the Nym Mixnet with ease from browser-based applications.

Introducing the very first browser plugin that allows you to take full advantage of mixnet privacy powers! With this plugin, you can easily and directly access all the features and benefits of mixnets from your browser window. Any application that works from a browser or embeds a WebView can use this SDK to send data through the Nym mixnet. It offers this benefit from the network layer privacy protection. This also includes client-side apps that use Electron, React Native, or Tauri frameworks (anything that can execute WebAssembly).

If you are a Javascript or TypeScript developer and would like to give things a try to see how it works, you may check the same on this GitHub repository for examples of how to use the SDK. Here’s a basic chat web app example where texts are sent through the Nym mixnet to the receiving party. Try running it between yourself and a friend or in two browsers! If you’re interested in understanding how it works, you can find the code here.

They are currently working on reply SURBs, which will allow users to reply to the sender without knowing their address. They are also working on a version that works with NodeJS and native workers, so you can use the mixnet from your Express web app or a CLI. You may experiment with the current version and watch the NPM for upgrades and we will be keeping an eye on what kind of apps people will be building with this client.

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